About Rad's

A handmade Flamingo

The following project is an investigation into working existing materials into moments and expressions of art by hand.

Two main aspects drove me to this:

The first ; having finished my architecture degree in the Making Architecture Research ( MARs ) studio at Nottingham University, where "martians", I was encouraged to prototype and experiment with materials, highlighting the importance of craft and hand made objects versus the readily available 3D printers and their arts.

The Second ; my final year thesis proposal An Urban Harvest, was awarded The Hegarty Family Prize for Excellence in 6th Year Design. The project was based in Limehouse, London, and orientated around using London's food surplus to regenerate Limehouse's historical connection with food. But what if there were other surpluses we could use to regenerate a different scene, for example the loss of hand-made craft. What do I have too much of? I accidentally found myself creating these birds as a means to use up what was hoarded within our storage; thousands of these expressive tiny swiss watch parts.

My aim for this project is an artistic research into re-using of the existing.